INTEC Digital Solutions is a software house based in Munich-Ismaning (Germany). With over 25 years experince, INTEC specialises in providing individual and standard software solutions for small to medium sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Furthermore, INTEC Digital solutions is an expert in the migration of software systems into innovative and advanced technology. Our solutions are web based and platform independent. INTEC invites you to the workplace of the future!



INTECs Web Rapid Development Framework (WebRDF) is a unversal application generator for innovative, state of the art web based systems. As such it is the web based "access to the future". Furthermore, WebRDF is the software program generator for diverse purposes, e.g. intranet and cloud-web apps for management or marketing, or high-peformance database solution for management or maintenance systems. INTEC WebRDF is the true innovation for the workplace of the future!

INTEC WebRDF offers a universal application generator based on non-propriatary, modular frameworks and standards. As such it is the most advanced, innovative, less limited design and realisation tool. WebRDF enables the creation and migration of web based, data driven, platform independent applications of complex workflows for a fraction of the previously possible development hours and costs.

INTEC develops standard and individual software solutions for medium sized businesses and large enterprises of all industries, from automotive and aviation to the chemical industry and food production.  INTEC WebRDF is utilised as a part of INTEC XMaintain and put to use at ELECTROLUX, Emsland Group and Frischli amongst other companies.